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Hi!  My name is Randi & I would like to share my story.  Born & raised in Utah, I had a somewhat normal childhood- until the abuse started. At the age of 10, I told my mother that my stepdad had been sexually abusing me for some time.  Little did I know this abuse would lead to drug addiction, physically abusive relationships, homelessness, sexual exploitation, alcoholism, rehabs (I went to a few), suicide attempts, a laundry list of criminal charges, & many many years of ups & downs. 

Over the years I have worked hard on addressing & working through the trauma in my life and was able to turn my life around.  I have 2 beautiful children & a successful career. After sharing my story on social media platforms I saw that I was not alone in my struggles & could offer help to those who have been through similar situations.

One thing I realized early on is that it's very hard to talk to someone that has not actually experienced the trauma you have.  

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